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  • What can I expect from your free Initial Consultation?
    Initial consultations last 30-60 mins, and are a conversation between me (Claire) and the client. Initial Consultations are free, and no-obligation. They are really useful for several reasons: -I am able to check your suitability for hypnotherapy -You decide whether you wish to persue hypnotherapy, and if I am the right hypnotherapist for you -You have plenty of opportunity to ask questions -I obtain information so I can formulate your individual treatment plan if you decide to go ahead
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This is different for each client depending on history and complexity, and I will have a better idea after the initial consultation. I usually say give me 3 and let's see what I can do!
  • What if you can't hypnotise me?
    Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, which is perfectly natural and you go into several times throughout the day. Of course some people can relax more easily than others, and that’s why I use different relaxation methods to suit the individual.
  • Will it work if I can't picture things in my head?
    Yes, there are many ways to access the subconscious.
  • Will I do or say things I don't want to?
    No, you stay in control throughout the session.
  • Will you give me a recording of the session?
    I provide many of my clients with recordings. It may be a recording of the session, or it could be a supplementary recording. I will give you detailed instructions of how/ when to listen to the recordings.
  • What are your opening hours?
    As I work from home, I can be flexible on timings and days. I don't generally work at weekends, but I have made the odd exception in the past!
  • What does hypnosis feel like?
    It usually feels very relaxing, which is just one of the things I love about it. Guiding someone into a state of hypnosis is, very simply, just encouraging the slowing of their brainwaves. It's a state you go into naturally many times a day, when relaxed or absorbed in something. You're actually already an expert in hypnosis!
  • Do you give discounts to concessions?
    If you register with Anxiety UK, they will means test you and then I will be able to charge you concessionary rates. Click here for more details.
  • How much do you charge?
    Initial consultations are free. 1 hypnotherapy session costs £60. (allow an hour) Smoking cessation (1.5-2 hours) is £120. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer. Payment can be made session-by-session, or in advance.
  • Should I cut down or smoke more before the smoking cessation session?
    There is no need to do anything differently before the session.
  • Can you help me stop vaping?
    Yes, I work to free people from nicotine addiction in all forms, including ENDs (electronic nicotine dispensing systems).
  • Should I throw away my tobacco products and smoking/vaping paraphernlia before the session?
    Lots of people do and that can be a great strategy. If you would rather do this after the session when you are a non-smoker, that's fine too. Think about what is best for you.
  • Do I need willpower to stop smoking?
    Yes. Hypnotherapy works on subconscious behaviours and habits related to smoking, but there is still the element of physical addiction.
  • I have a stressful event coming up.  Should I book in my smoking session after it?
    It's worth checking this isn't an excuse- do you really want to stop or will there be something else after that? Remember, smoking stresses the body. Stopping will give you a confidence boost, which might help! Having said that, I believe in making the process as smooth as possible. You know yourself best, so this is your call. I am happy to discuss your individual circumstances with you over the telephone.
  • Can you help me if I smoke cannabis and tobacco?
    Yes, however you may need 1+ supplementary sessions. As well as the form, I recommend a quick telephone consultation, which is free.
  • I still have questions...
    Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions. Details are on my contact page. I get back to people within 24 hours, although it is often much sooner. You'll also have plently of opportunity to ask questions in the Initial Consultation/ at the beginning of each session.
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