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hypnotherapy for smoking/vaping /NRT cessation


Smoking shortens your life, devastates families, makes you ill, smells foul, and costs a fortune…but you know all this! And you continue to smoke. Your physical addiction is spurred along by the learned habits and beliefs your subconscious has about smoking.

Once thought to be the 'healthy' option, new evidence has come to light stating that vaping is as bad for your heart as smoking.  I wonder what links they'll find between vaping and ill health next?

Hypnotherapy debunks the false beliefs that the subconscious is clinging to about smoking/vaping so it can’t make excuses any more.  When your conscious and your subconscious mind both accept that smoking has no benefits- it is much, much easier to stop.

Is now the right time?

If you are reading this, chances are you are living with the knowledge that you are setting yourself up for an early grave.  There is no time to lose, with every roll up or cigarette shortening your life and increasing your risk of chronic and/ or terminal disease.

What happens next?

If you are ready to free yourself from smoking and/or vaping, download the form below and return it to me so I can check your suitability. I'll then contact you to make the appointment, using your chosen contact method.

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