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habit breaking



'Bad' habits come in many forms – eating-related; nail biting; hair pulling (trichotillomania); skin picking (dermatillomania) and more.  Despite vowing you are going to stop, frustratingly, you find yourself doing it. Again. And again. Maybe your conscious mind doesn’t even realise you’re doing it, or it feels like something is making you do it, even though you don’t want to.​

It’s time to get the subconscious working for you, not against you.  In your subconscious, your habit is believed to be helpful. As well as working on rewiring the habit, we need to delete the programming which views the habit as helpful.  Then, the habit can be overcome.

I offer a free consultation so you can find out whether hypnotherapy is right for you, and ask any questions you may have.  Consultations can be done in person or on Zoom, and last about an hour.

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